About the Program and Speakers

  • The 'sharing' of what other TLs have done in their library to bridge the gap was interesting, the guest speakers entertaining...I just thank the lucky stars I was able to get on board and be there. It was all terrific. Thanks!
  • I enjoyed the first session, because it gave me an understanding of the topic, and then the most practical things to think about for my context.
  • The first speaker clearly outlined why things had to change.  She followed up with what we can do in schools to prepare students for this world/uni etc
  • I always enjoy seeing how other TLs work and innovate. Inspiring.
  • It gave me some good ideas to implement in my library.
  • The final session was very interesting and showed how people (students) can move from one job to another throughout life, learning and developing as they go. A very practical session
  • I feel I usually only see the negative impact of social media.  His presentation reinforced that if used correctly it can have positive outcomes.
  • Enjoyed all sessions - relevant to theme and thought provoking. Great mix of speakers across tertiary, secondary and business world.

The rest

  • Thank you so much for an enjoyable day. I felt it was well run with great time management. There seemed to be time to think, eat and discuss tools with the reps. We also took a little something positive away to trial in our own spaces. Thank you.
  • I enjoyed the breakfast presentations prior to the beginning of the main presenters. 
  • The trade exhibition was interesting and relevant
  • Lunch, time for discussion and visiting vendors and the networking with colleagues was my favourite part of the day.