About the speakers and topics

  • Overall I found the seminar excellent. I came for the sessions on entrepreneurs because we are looking to integrate entrepreneurship into one of our subjects next year and I found the presentations extremely useful.
  • Loved this session. Really useful. In context. Great stuff to pick up and take home.
  • WOW! Learnt heaps. Newsy and valuable.
  • I thought overall it was a great day of learning, connecting with others who are keen to support teen learners and new ways of learning.
  • I thought this was excellent. A real change of focus and direction for Teacher Librarians and I really enjoyed the information presented.
  • Well delivered to support a range of participants' needs and interest areas, in consideration of variety of schools represented.
  • Very interesting & stimulating. I made lots of connections.

About the venue

  • This was my first visit to Cyberschool. I thought that it was a really good day. Great venue, sensible timetabling, just the right number of people, informative vendors. Will definitely try to get back to next year's one.
  • Keep up the great lunch!