Quick tips and answers to common search problems.

I don't know where to start

Be clear about what you are searching for:

  1. Identify the keywords and phrases that are important for your topic.
  2. Use UQ Library Search to get an overview of the resources for your topic.
  3. Find information in your subject area using our guides with suggestions for key books, journal articles and databases.
  4. Find specific types of information, such as newspapers, standards and theses, by using the right search strategy

I have too many results

  1. Look at your search terms. Be more specific. (e.g. irrigation instead of water)
  2. Add search terms to focus your search. Use AND between each term. (e.g. agriculture AND irrigation AND policy)
  3. Restrict your search to a particular field (e.g. title or subject)
  4. Refine your results (e.g. by publication date or document type)

I can't find enough relevant results

I need peer reviewed / scholarly / specific sources

Search for peer-reviewed articles:

  • In UQ Library Search you can refine your results to show only peer reviewed articles
  • Many databases also let you limit your results to peer-reviewed or scholarly material

Search for articles from a particular journal/publication:

  1. Go to Advanced Search in UQ Library Search
    1. Enter the journal title and change All fields to Additional title in the first line
    2. Enter your search terms in the second line
  2. Otherwise, search for the journal title, and in your search results, click Available online to see which databases hold the journal. Most databases allow you to search within specific publications.