Create a new EndNote Library

  1. Click the File option on the menu bar
  2. Click New...

A dialogue box will open with My EndNote Library.enl as the name of the new library

  1. Select a library save location
  2. Type a name for your library in the File name box (eg. your own name)
  3. Click Save and you will see a new library window

Move or copy an EndNote Library

Your EndNote library consists of two elements:

  • a file with the extension .enl (the library file)
  • a folder with the extension.Data (containing various files connected with the library).

Keep these elements together if copying or moving your Library.

Back up your EndNote Library

Create a back-up

Click on the File option on the menu bar and select Compressed Library (.enlx) ...

This will create an archive copy of your library in a single file with the extension .enlx

Restore from a back-up

  1. Click on the File option in the menu bar
  2. Click Open and select the .enlx file

All elements of the library will be recreated - based on the version that was archived.

Sync your library to Endnote Online

EndNote offers cloud space to save an online copy of a library. This library can sync between three devices and the online version.

  1. Go to Edit
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Choose Sync from the left column
  4. Follow the instructions for enabling sync which will including setting up a new account