There are several options for sharing access to 

  1. EndNote (desktop) - group collaboration
  2. EndNote online - group collaboration

EndNote - group collaboration

Sharing via Sync

Share your library with up to 100 other people using the Sync function. All collaborators must be using the latest version of EndNote.

Caution: Your collaborators have full access to your library, and any changes made are permanent.

To establish this collaboration:

  1. Sync your library
  2. Click File > Share
  3. Enter the email addresses of your collaborators' accounts
  4. Click Invite
  5. Click Close

To access a library shared with you:

  1. Click Accept on the email sent from the library's owner
  2. On EndNote, click File > Open shared library
  3. Select the email address of owner of the shared library
  4. Click Open

EndNote online - group collaboration

  1. Logon to your EndNote basic or EndNote Online account
  2. Click on Organize - then Manage My Groups
  3. Select New Group and name it
  4. Select the citations you would like to add into the New Group
  5. Click on the Arrow from the drop-down Add To Group menu
  6. Add your references to the selected group

To share groups:

  1. In EndNote basic/online, click on Organize and then on Manage My Groups
  2. The Manage My Groups window opens and shows the groups you have created and their status
  3. Select the Share column; check the square box to the left of the group you wish to share and choose the Manage Sharing button
  4. Click on start Sharing this Group
  5. The add email addresses window opens; add email addresses for those you wish to share your group with
  6. Select the button to allow the person to Read Only or Read & Write
  7. Click Apply