To use EndNote with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC) you need to have EndNote installed on your computer and be familiar with the AGLC referencing style.

This page will show you how to set-up EndNote to use the AGLC style.

AGLC (4th edition)

Download and install the output styles and legal reference type

Download and install the AGLC (4th edition) output style and legal reference type provided by UTS Library.

Supporting material

Refer to the Legal reference type table for information on which fields to use within EndNote.

AGLC (3rd edition)

Download and install the output styles


Install the output styles in EndNote.

Create a legal reference type

A legal reference type allows you to manually add references for legislation, cases, treaties and other non-standard content types.

  1. Right-click to download the Legal custom reference type (XML, 89KB) and Save Link As
  2. In EndNote, Open Preferences
  3. Select Reference Types
  4. Select Import, and then locate the custom reference type file you saved earlier
  5. Select Open, then Save
  6. Close and reopen EndNote

Now when you create a new reference in EndNote, you will see the option for a Legal reference type.