This guide will show you how to use EndNote with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC). Before you use this guide please download EndNote and set up your EndNote Library.

3. Insert references using Microsoft Word

Select the AGLC style in Microsoft Word

When you install the EndNote program, the Cite While You Write add-in will be inserted into your word processing software. To start with, please ensure that you have set your output style to the AGLC. To do this:

  1. select the EndNote tab in Word
  2. choose the AGLC from the style drop-down (if you do not see the AGLC style, choose select another style and search for it).
Set AGLC Style in EndNote tab in MS Word

Add footnotes in Microsoft Word

Before you insert a citation, insert a footnote by placing your cursor in the relevant place in the document:

  1. choose References tab from Microsoft Word menu
  2. select Insert footnote.
Insert footnotes in Microsoft Word

Insert the citation using EndNote

After placing your cursor in the footnote, go to your EndNote tab in Word and select Insert citation.

Insert citation in Word

Add pinpoints to your references

A pinpoint is a reference the specific part of the document you wish to cite. It may be a page number, paragraph number, section or article. To add a pinpoint to your citation:

  1. click on the citation you want to add text to. This will be highlighted once selected
  2. select Edit & Manage Citation(s) from the EndNote tab and the dialogue box will open
  3. in the pages field type in the page number (if you are citing a section or article, you will need to add the abbreviation yourself)
  4. click on the OK button and save the changes in Word.
Add a pinpoint using EndNote