This guide will show you how to use EndNote with the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC). Before you use this guide please download EndNote and set up your EndNote Library.

1. Setting up EndNote for the AGLC

EndNote uses output styles to control the appearance of references.​ Many output styles come pre-loaded with the EndNote application. 
To use the AGLC with EndNote,  you need to install two files:
  1. AGLC output style 
  2. Legal Reference types file.

Download and install the AGLC4 output style

Download and install the AGLC4 output style (ENS, 176 KB) provided by University of Technology Sydney Library.

  1. Open the file using EndNote
  2. Choose File and then Save as
  3. Save the output style.

Download and install the legal reference types

Installing legal reference types will provide you with greater options for adding legal materials to your EndNote library. Right-click the Legal Reference Types (XML, 60 KB) and choose save link as.

  1. Open your EndNote library
    1. On Windows, go to Edit
    2. On Mac, go to the application menu
  2. Click on Preferences
  3. Select Reference Types
  4. Choose Import and select the Legal Reference Types file
  5. Choose Save
  6. Close and reopen EndNote.