Get started with EndNote 20 by following these help guides.

Note: Our Software training resources page has EndNote 20 training manuals (as PDFs) for Windows and Mac.

4. Syncing and sharing

Sync your library to EndNote Online

EndNote offers cloud space to save an online copy of a library. This library can sync between all your devices and the online version.

  1. Open your EndNote Library 
  2. Click Library then Sync
  3. Click Sign Up to create a new EndNote account or sync using an existing account.

Once every 15 minutes, EndNote will check your library to look for changes to send or receive. Click Sync Status to check all reference information is successfully syncing between your desktop library and your online account.

Sync your library on multiple devices

  1. Create a new EndNote library (using the same name as the original library) by selecting File then New
  2. Click Library then Sync
  3. Enter your EndNote account details
  4. Click OK to do the initial sync to copy down all existing library information.

After the sync is established, the library will download all the references and attachments held in the original library. Any changes on either device will be transferred to the other device. There is no limit to the number of devices to which you can sync your library.

PDFs with a screenshot of this process:


The Library Sharing feature will allow you to grant access to your designated EndNote Sync library with up to 100 other EndNote desktop users.

After configuring EndNote Sync:

  1. Open your designated Sync library
  2. Click File then Share
  3. Enter the email adress of an EndNote desktop user to grant access to your library.

You can also select to remove or change the access rights at any time.

PDFs with a screenshot of this process: