Get started with EndNote 20 by following these help guides.

Note: Our Software training resources page has EndNote 20 training manuals (as PDFs) for Windows and Mac.

4. Add full text to references

You can add the full text of your references in three ways:

  • file attachments
  • import downloaded PDFs
  • Find Full Text option. 

Attach a file

  1. You can attached any files like PDFs to a reference.
  2. PDFs can be read within EndNote. Other file types will open in the relevant program or app.
  3. Click on the reference then Summary on the right.
  4. Click on Attach File. Locate the file and click on Open.
  5. The file will be included in the File Attachments field. PDFs will also appear as a button on the Summary tab.

Import a PDF

Note: Not all PDFs can be imported fully. Generally, it is not possible to identify which PDFs won't import.

  1. Click on File then select Import. You can import a single PDF or a folder of PDFs.
  2. Select your PDF or folder.
  3. Choose PDF in Import Option. Mac: If the Import Option isn't visible, click on Options.
  4. Click on Import.
  5. If it imports correctly, the reference details are added and the PDF attached. (Incorrect imports will only include PDF file name in Title and attach the PDF. Information will need to be added manually.)

Find Full Text

  1. This tool can help locate PDFs and web addresses for references.
  2. It works best when on a UQ campus or using the UQ VPN.
  3. Select the reference you wish to search. 
  4. Click on References then select Find Full Text. Click on Find Full Text in the next menu.
  5. EndNote will try to locate PDFs or a web address. Searching will appear under Find Full Text group.
  6. When PDFs or web addresses are found, they are listed under Find Full Text.
  7. PDFs or web addresses are added to the reference.