Get started with EndNote 20 by following these help guides.

Note: Our Software training resources page has EndNote 20 training manuals (as PDFs) for Windows and Mac.

3. Organising references with groups

Groups are used to organise your references.

You can create your own groups and groups sets (used to create sub-headings).

Create a group

  1. Click on My Groups.
  2. Go to the Groups menu and click on Create group.
  3. Add a name for your group in the text box. Hit Enter.

Adding references

  1. Highlight the references you want to add to a group.
  2. You can drag and drop them to the group OR click Groups then Add references to. Select the group.
  3. A reference can be added to multiple groups.
  4. References can be deleted from a group without deleting them from your library.

Create a group set

  1. A group set is for groups with sub-headings.
  2. Click on the Groups menu then Create Group Set.
  3. Add your group set name. Note: This is not a group - it is just a heading.
  4. Click on your group set name and click on the Groups menu. Select Create Group and add a sub-heading name.
  5. Add your references.