Get started with EndNote 20 by following these help guides.

Note: Our Software training resources page has EndNote 20 training manuals (as PDFs) for Windows and Mac.

3. Edit and manage citations in Word

Insert a citation

In Word:

  1. Place your cursor where you want to add the citation
  2. Click the EndNote 20 tab in Microsoft Word
  3. Click Insert Citation
  4. Enter a word, phrase or title to find the correct reference(s) in your EndNote Library
  5. Select the correct reference(s)
  6. Click the Insert drop down arrow and select the format you want.

You can also select the reference(s) you want to insert in your EndNote Library first. Then select Insert Selected Citations in Word.

PDFs with a screenshot of the process:

Edit and manage citations

Sometimes you may need to customise an in-text citation to format it correctly for the referencing style you use. Use the Edit & Manage Citation(s) feature of Cite While You Write to make the changes. You can have the author outside of the parenthetical citation or exclude the author, the year, or both. You can also select to display a reference in your bibliography only.

In Word:

  1. Highlight the inserted in-text citation
  2. Click to open the EndNote 20 tab in Word
  3. Click Edit & Manage Citation(s)
  4. Click the Formatting (or Format in Mac) dropdown menu to select the display option
  5. You can also add custom text to these fields:
    • Prefix -  to add a word or phrase at the beginning of your in-text citation
    • Suffix - to add a word or phrase at the end of your parenthetical citation
    • Pages - enter a page number or range of pages to the in-text citation for referencing styles requiring page numbers
  6. Click OK and your citation will update to the format you selected.

PDFs with a screenshot of this process: