Get started with EndNote 20 by following these help guides.

Note: Our Software training resources page has EndNote 20 training manuals (as PDFs) for Windows and Mac.

2. Get references into EndNote

Direct Export

References can be added to EndNote using Direct Export or filters. Instructions for:

Add a reference manually

You may sometimes need to manually create a reference.

  1. Open your EndNote Library
  2. Click References then New Reference
  3. Select the appropriate reference type e.g. Journal Article, Web Page, Book etc
  4. Enter author and editor names in the format - Last name, First name or First name Last name.
  5. Enter one name per line
  6. Enter information in each field e.g. what you need for your reference list and any additional fields for your personal preference.

PDFs with a screenshot of this process:

Edit a reference in an EndNote Library

  1. Double-click on the reference you wish to edit
  2. Make the required changes
  3. Close the reference (saving if prompted).

Delete a reference in an EndNote Library

  1. Click on the reference you wish to delete
  2. Click the References dropdown list
  3. Select Move References to Trash.