Restore the EndNote toolbar: Windows

If Word crashes while using EndNote, Word may disable the EndNote Add-in. The EndNote toolbar will no longer be visible.

To restore the toolbar in Word 2010/2013 and Office365 (Windows):

  1. Click on the File ribbon and select Options (in Word 2007, click on the Office icon and select Word Options)
  2. Click on Add-ins
  3. Change the Manage options to Disabled Items
  4. Click Go
  5. Highlight any EndNote item(s) and click Enable
  6. Click OK

Restore the EndNote toolbar: Mac

To restore the toolbar in MAC Word:

  1. Click on Tools and then Templates and Add-Ins...
  2. Click to tick in the boxes next to the EndNote add-ins to reactivate

Reinstall EndNote

If the above steps don't work - reinstall EndNote.

Further links: The EndNote Guide at the University of Toledo contains helpful images on restoring the EndNote toolbar in Word for both Windows and Mac.

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