To prepare a document for final submission, you need to create a copy that does not contain the field codes that EndNote uses during the writing phase.

Save the formatted citations and bibliography

If you are using the online version of Word, save a copy of your Word document first. Convert the copy to plain text (as it will not create a new copy).
  1. Open your finished and formatted Word document.
  2. On the EndNote toolbar:
    • Select Tools
    •  Convert to Plain Text
  3. Save the new document under a new name

A message will appear explaining that it will create a new copy of the document, which you will then need to save. It will not be possible to reformat the references and bibliography in the new document using EndNote.

The original document will not be changed and will still contain EndNote's field codes. Keep the original document in case you need to reformat, add or edit references. If you make any EndNote changes you will need to produce another text version.