Save references

  1. Use Library Search to find library content
  2. Use the Keep this item pin icon to the right of the title of any search result to save a reference

Export references

When you have finished saving references:

  1. Click on the pin icon on the top right of the page to display the saved items
  2. In the list of saved items, click in the boxes of those that you wish to export
  3. Click on the three dots icon above the list to get the "export to" options
  4. Select one of the options EndNote RIS (for the desktop version) or EndNote Web for the online version.

Export to EndNote Desktop

If you are exporting to the EndNote application:

  1. Click EndNote RIS
  2. Select the default encoding UTF-8 in the popup screen and click OK
  3. Click on download to open with EndNote
    If you are asked to Choose a filter by EndNote, select RefMan RIS

Note: Mac users may need to configure their system to open downloaded files with EndNote.

Export to EndNote Web

If you are exporting to EndNote Web

  1. Click EndNote Web
  2. Enter your log in details in the popup screen and click Log in
  3. Check EndNote Web for imported records

Additional information

  • Always check the imported references to ensure that data has downloaded correctly
  • You can also email, cite or export individual references