What is the difference between a reference list and a bibliography?

  • reference list only includes the books, articles, and web pages etc. that are cited in the text of the document.
  • bibliography includes all sources consulted, even if they are not cited in the document

You may create a bibliography:

  • for your CV or resume
  • for a colleague
  • as a reading list for students.

Creating the bibliography

  1. Select your required references.
  2. Go to Tools > Output styles. Select your preferred style.
  3. If it isn't listed, click Select Another Style to open the complete list of output (referencing) styles. Select your output style.
  4. Go to References menu and choose Copy Formatted Reference.
  5. Open your document or create a new one. Paste your bibliography.
  6. Your bibliography should now be listed in your chosen style. This is not connected to EndNote. If you need to change the style, you need to repeat these steps.

Create an annotated bibliography

Annotate references

  1. Record your annotation for each reference in the Research Notes field
  2. Go to the style menu on the library toolbar and click on the Arrow
  3. Click Select Another Style to open the complete list of output styles
  4. Find the style you want, and then click on it to highlight it
  5. Click the Choose button to select that style.

Edit the referencing style

  1. Click on Tools > Output Styles > Open Style Manager...
  2. Select the style then press Edit
  3. On the left column under Bibliography, select Layout
  4. In the box End each reference with insert Enter Research Notes Enter Enter
  5. Save the Output style with a new name
  6. Use the above method to create the bibliography using your new output style