Student email

As a UQ student, you are supplied with an Office 365 email account. Always use your UQ email when emailing university staff to ensure that your email doesn’t get blocked by spam filters, and so that the recipient can verify who you are. You keep your student email account after you complete your studies at UQ. For more information on student email, please see the student email guides by Information Technology Services. 

In the Communicate and Collaborate online module, you can learn how to email staff and peers effectively.


What is my email address?

Your student email account has multiple email addresses. All of these addresses go to the same mailbox, you do not need to check them individually. You can give out any of these addresses to other people and their messages will reach you:

There may be other addresses attached to your account depending on your enrolment status. These are used by the University for administrative and software licensing purposes. As above, these addresses all go to the same mailbox and do not require you to check them individually.

Find out more about your student accounts including how to access and password resetting, through my.UQ.

Student email setup for Android

1. Select Exchange and Office 365 from the list of account types

2. Where it says enter your email, enter your username in the format of (e.g. and then tap Manual setup.

3. Complete the field on the page as instructed below:

  • Enter your username in the format of Note if you are asked to enter a domain name, please enter UQ\ before your firstname (e.g. uq\firstname.lastname)
  • Enter your UQ password
  • Enter into the server field
  • The post and security type should automatically default to the correct information (Port 443, Security Type: TSL/SSL)
  • Tap Next

4. If you receive a Remote security administration alert, tap Ok

5. Select the sync settings of your choice, then tap Next

6. Tap Activate

Student email setup for iOS

1. Open Settings

2. Tap Accounts & Passwords

3. Tap Add Account

4. Tap Exchange

5. Enter your UQ email address, then tap Next

6. Tap Configure Manually

7. Complete the fields as follows:

  • Server:
  • Domain: uq
  • Username: your firstname.lastname with '' after it (e.g.
  • Password: your UQ password

8. Tap Save

Student email setup for Outlook (macOS)

1. Open Outlook, then click Tools (located in the top menu) followed by Accounts

2. Click Add Email Account

3. Email Address: enter your firstname.lastname followed by (e.g.

4. Click Continue

5. UQ single sign-on will pop up, enter your UQ username and password & click Login

6. Click Done

Student email setup for Outlook (Windows)

1. Open Outlook, when prompted by Microsoft Startup screen, click Next

2. When asked if you wish to configure an email account, select Yes and press Next

3. Enter your name and email address in the format of (e.g.

4. Click Next to continue

5. Enter you UQ password and tick 'Remember my credentials'

6. Click Next

7. Enter your UQ username and password on the single sign-on prompt and click Login

8. Click Finish