Printing at UQ

PaperCut is the system which allows you to print at any of the Libraries at UQ. It has its own online portal for handling top-ups, history of jobs, web printing and more. You can also access your account through the PaperCut application on any of the Library computers.

See our Print, scan & copy page for more information on printing or more detailed instructions on using your PaperCut account.

Log in to your PaperCut account

Logging in

Use your UQ username and password


From the dashboard, you can see an overview of your printing account which includes information on how many jobs, the current balance and an environmental impact. On the side menu find other aspects of your printing account such as topping up, transferring credit and any jobs currently in the queue.

Can I print from my own computer or device?

You can set up printing from your own laptop. You can also print from your mobile. There are 3 options to print from your own device — Mobility print, Google Cloud Print and Web Print. See our Print from your mobile device guide for information on setting these up.


How much does printing cost?

Size Black and white Colour
A4 single page $0.09 $0.35
A4 duplex $0.18 $0.70
A3 single page $0.18 $0.70
A3 duplex $0.36 $1.40
  • Duplex: print on both sides of a piece of paper.
  • Scanning to USB or e-mail is free from Library printers.

Can I scan to my email?

Scanning is free. 

Default scans are:

  • single sided
  • in colour.

For more information on scanning see our Scan to email or USB guide

How long does it take for a Top-up to appear in my account?

Topping up your PaperCut account can take from 15 minutes to 24 hours to appear.

If you are planning to do some printing at UQ please ensure you have enough credit or try to top up the day before.