Aims and objectives

This module will:

  • explain eProfessionalism and how it will help you in the workplace
  • help you understand the difference between eProfessionalism and professionalism
  • explore the different facets of being an eProfessional
  • explore some of the legal, ethical and organisational constraints to recording and sharing images.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • know what is meant by eProfessionalism
  • build your online presence as an eProfessional
  • understand the legal, ethical and organisational rules around image-sharing.

2. Being a Digital citizen

You may have heard different industries talk about being good corporate citizens. According to Scott Stepenson, being a good corporate citizen means being guided by "strong moral and ethical standards in daily interactions".  In the same way, being an eProfessional means being a good digital citizen and being able to relate effectively to the digital world of people, technologies and systems. Your online presence reflects your professional image.

The Australian eSafety Commissioner has information on key issues and managing online safety targeting different audience types such as young people, seniors, women and others.  

Understand digital citizenship and what it covers

The most well known framework is Mike Ribble's Nine Themes of Digital Citizenship . The nine themes are outlined in the table below.

Icon Theme Key Concepts

digital access icon

Access participating in society electronically; having access to the internet

digital commerce icon

Commerce buying and selling online; online shopping

digital communication icon

Communication communicating online; social media; sharing information

digital etiquette icon

Etiquette online behaviour

digital health and wellness icon

Health and wellness staying healthy around technology; technology and mental health

digital law icon

Law responsibility for what we do online; Australian law and the internet

digital literacy icon

Literacy learning about technology; teaching others how to use technology

digital rights and responsibilities icon

Rights and responsibilities online freedom; open access information

digital security icon

Security staying safe online

Duration:   Approximately 35 minutes

Graduate attributes

Knowledge and skills you can gain to contribute to your Graduate attributes:

 Effective communication Effective communication

 Critical judgement

  Ethical and social understanding

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