Digital wellbeing and privacy

Aims and objectives

This module will:

  • explain how online technology can affect your wellbeing
  • identify how to access support and services for your wellbeing at UQ
  • explore ways to be safe and responsible online.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • understand the potential positive and negative effects of your digital activities
  • reflect on your use of online technology and use strategies to control it
  • understand the causes of inappropriate online behaviour and what actions you can take
  • control the information you provide online to protect your privacy.

6. Other resources


UQ Student Support Health and wellbeing — programs and counselling services to help improve your confidence and overall physical and mental wellbeing.

Digital wellbeing from Google — get tips and tools to help you achieve your personal sense of digital wellbeing.


Barnes, R. (2018). Uncovering Online Commenting Culture: Trolls, Fanboys and Lurkers. Springer International Publishing.

LinkedIn Learning courses

Improving your focus (50m) explains how to develop the survival skills to both avoid daily distractions and stay focused on what's most valuable.

Time Management Fundamentals with Microsoft Office (1h10m) explains how to manage your time and boost productivity with Microsoft Office.


Duration:   Approximately 20 minutes

Graduate attributes

Knowledge and skills you can gain to contribute to your Graduate attributes:

Effective communication Effective communication

 Critical judgement

 Ethical and social understanding

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