Collaborative tools

There are many tools to help you communicate and collaborate effectively. Which tool you choose depends on a range of factors:

  • video conferencing or text-based communication — video conferencing may be a more effective means of collaborating at the beginning of your project in order, for instance, to build rapport with unfamiliar team members
  • course requirements — your course coordinator may require you to use particular tools
  • integration with other productivity tools — some messaging and conferencing tools will integrate closely with collaborative writing and presentation tools.

Remember, the Library has bookable group rooms available for collaborative work.

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 Free tools are completely free to use with all features.

 Freeware tools include basic functionality for free. Additional features may need to be paid for.

 Open source tools are developed in a collaborative manner and can be used, modified or shared openly. This software can be used for free and often includes a lot of support documentation.

 Paid tools can only be used after purchasing, and agreeing to, a product licence.