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Get future ready at UQ

Digital technologies have fundamentally altered the way we live and work. They have broken down barriers and given rise to a wave of new job titles, a growing virtual workforce and an explosion in personalised online services – all of which are having a profound impact on what and how we choose to learn (Student Strategy 2016-2020 White Paper PDF, 1.25MB).

What is Digital Essentials?

We partnered with UQ students to create Digital Essentials, a series of online modules for you to quickly build your digital skills so you can succeed in study and work.

  • Use the Learning pathway to select modules to help you build the digital skills you need to complete your courses and to enhance your employability.
  • The Graduate attributes for modules tab also has links to the modules. Graduate attributes have been assigned to each module to help you decide what will be important for you.

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Use the modules in your courses:


Your pathway to digital skills

The pathway will allow you to choose modules to build your digital capabilities. It also lists related support and resources, if you need extra help or information. Some modules will fall under multiple paths, as they cover more than one skill. You can take a short quiz at the end of each module to check your knowledge.

Click the plus symbol for the skill you want to learn and choose a module that will help you develop the skill.


Build graduate skills

University of Queensland graduates are expected to display effective communication skills, independence and creativity, critical judgement and ethical and social understanding, as well as in-depth knowledge in their field of study. Read more in the Graduate Attributes policy. You can gain knowledge and skills from each module that will contribute to your graduate attributes. These qualities are valued by employers, along with your discipline knowledge.

Creation and innovation

Modules  Effective communication   Independence and creativity   Critical judgement   Ethical and social understanding 
Accessibility and study hacks Yes     Yes
Choosing the right tool Yes Yes    
Finding and using media     Yes Yes
Writing for the web Yes Yes   Yes
Your Intellectual Property     Yes Yes


Modules  Effective communication   Independence and creativity   Critical judgement   Ethical and social understanding 
Working with data   Yes Yes Yes
Document your research data     Yes  

Identity, communication and wellbeing

Modules  Effective communication   Independence and creativity   Critical judgement   Ethical and social understanding 
Communicate and collaborate Yes   Yes Yes
Digital wellbeing and privacy Yes   Yes Yes
Employability   Yes Yes  
eProfessionalism Yes   Yes Yes
Social media Yes     Yes

Information and research

Modules  Effective communication   Independence and creativity   Critical judgement   Ethical and social understanding 
Information essentials   Yes Yes  
Types of assignments Yes Yes    
Write, cite and submit Yes     Yes

Learning and functional skills

The UQ systems module is to help you become familiar with the systems you will need to use at UQ, including Learn.UQ, mySI-net, TurnItIn, email and UQ Book It. It has not been assigned any graduate attributes.

Modules  Effective communication   Independence and creativity   Critical judgement   Ethical and social understanding 
Artificial intelligence       Yes
Internet essentials     Yes Yes
Password management     Yes Yes
Working with files   Yes Yes  

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