Writing, citing and submitting assignments

Aims and objectives

This module will:

  • cover planning assignments
  • examine what plagiarism is
  • provide guidance on referencing assignments
  • explain how assignments should be submitted.

At the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • plan your assignment 
  • understand why you should reference to avoid plagiarism
  • locate referencing style guides and referencing software
  • successfully submit your assignment.

1. Writing or creating assignments

Plan your assignment

Planning your assignment, from Student Support, has information to help you get started planning your essay or report.

Review your lecture and tutorial notes before you begin your assignment. Your lecturer will have mentioned key concepts that will help you with your assignment research.

Manage your time

It’s very important to manage your time effectively. You may have multiple assignments and activities to complete at the same time. Careful planning can save you valuable time, as you will have to:

  • research your assignment topic
  • write a first draft
  • edit the first draft
  • rewrite your draft and edit it again
  • submit the assignment.

Mark the dates that your assignments are due on a calendar so you can see when they have to be submitted. Allow 3-4 weeks to work on the assignment.

Support Services have more tips to help with Time Management and Procrastination.

Get it checked

It is a good idea to get someone else to read your assignment before you submit it. This will allow for typos inconsistencies to be spotted (e.g.“from” instead of “form”). You may not spot this mistake but someone else reading your assignment will.

Take a break

Remember to take regular breaks when writing your assignment. Taking regular breaks will allow you to return to your work with a clear mind and may help you to focus on your writing.

Develop your skills

UQ Student Support also hold study skills workshops; the workshops concentrate on developing skills in research skills, speaking skills, assignment and exam help and are available to all students.

Written assessments are not the only types of assignments that you might be required to create during your time at UQ. The Types of assignments module has information on completing other assessment types, such as videos, audio or presentations.

The right tool

If you need to select a tool to create your assignment, the Choosing the right tool module has information on a variety of software, tools and apps for different tasks.

This module will take about 25 minutes to complete.