During research gives an overview of what you need to do to store and secure your research data during your project.

  • Before you start covers grant applications, the UQ Research Data Manager and ethics for research data management
  • Ongoing looks at sharing and re-using your research data once your project is completed

4. Store and secure your project's data

Researchers must ensure that all research data, regardless of format, is stored securely and backed up or copied regularly as per the UQ Research Data Management Policy. Arrangements must be in place for the project's life cycle and any statutory minimum periods of retention. Data at UQ has guidance on where to store UQ documents, files and data.

When completing a grant application consider your plans for data storage and document them. Different forms of storage have implications for data access and use, security, sharing, and preservation.

UQ Research Data Manager (UQRDM)

Storage for research data at UQ is primarily provisioned via the UQ Research Data Manager. At the earliest stages of a project, you should create a record in UQRDM. This will automatically provision your project with 1TB of data storage. Access to the data can then be allocated to others on the project, as well as collaborators either at UQ or other Australian and international institutions. Refer to the UQRDM guide for more information. 

Storing data at UQ

There are a number of options for storing research data at UQ. Use this matrix from Data@UQ to assess which is best for your project's data. 

Where to store your files and information at UQ.