Writing for the web

Aims and objectives

This module will:

  • explain how to write for online audiences
  • explore different ways to produce online content

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • write effectively for online platforms
  • implement techniques to make online content accessible to all
  • select appropriate online platforms to publish web content

6. Publish web content

There are a variety of ways that you can publish your web content. You might build your own website, create a page on your workplace intranet or write a blog. Types of assignments has information on:

  • platforms you can use to create your own webpages, including guides and tutorials
  • writing for the web at university for blogs, wikis and online discussions in Learn.UQ.

Most website building platforms, like Wordpress.com or Google Sites, are set up so that you don't need to know HTML, CSS or other web development languages. You write your content into the rich text editor and select options to add links, images, tables and other elements.

Text editors

It is a good idea to write or copy your content into a text editor, such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on Mac. This allows you to paste plain text from these apps into a web builder platform or into raw HTML code. If you tried to paste from a word processor like Microsoft Word, there may be bits of formatting code that get carried over and these can cause problems.

You can use a text editor to write HTML.

Follow these steps from w3schools to create a simple web page with a text editor.

HTML, CSS and other web development languages

If you learn HTML, CSS or other web development languages you can create your own webpages. However, it will take more time and effort than using a website builder.

Tutorials for learning a web development language:

Your own website

You have to store your web files, images, videos and any other content on the internet, for it to be accessed by other users. You will need to use a web hosting service. Website builders, such as Google Sites or WordPress.com, have free and paid web hosting plans. The service will usually place ads on free sites.

If you create your content without using a website builder, you will need to find a web hosting service. These services usually require a payment, most commonly in the form of a subscription. Find a web hosting service:

Domain names

The domain name is the human-readable web address for your website's homepage.  If you use a website builder, they will usually provide a web address or URL to use for your webpage. If you want to create your own domain name, check if it is available, acceptable to use and register with an accredited registrar.  Find out more about the Domain Name System in Internet essentials.

Duration:   Approximately 20 minutes

Graduate attributes

Knowledge and skills you can gain to contribute to your Graduate attributes:

Effective communication Effective communication

 Independence and creativity

 Ethical and social understanding

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