Data visualisation tools are used to produce visual representations of data to convey meaning.

Data visualisation software is available via web based portals.

Resources for data visualisation:

1. Venngage

Venngage is an online tool for creating a range of data visualisations, including infographics, posters and reports, to share or download.

You can add interactive elements in the digital version of your data visualisation, such as:

  • charts
  • maps
  • hyperlinks
  • media clips

Access Venngage

The basic version of Venngage is available as a free web application. The free account has some restrictions with uploads, downloads and printing. The University Library has a limited number of educational licences which are available to UQ students attending training.  Paid membership options are also available for individuals.

Training and guides

Check our Training page for upcoming Infographics workshops.

The Venngage Help Center has tutorials on getting started and editing content.

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2. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online infographic and presentation tool enabling the display of data as infographics or visual representations.

Piktochart allows you to:

  • create posters and presentations
  • display data as charts and maps
  • use graphics, icons and images in your visualisations

Access Piktochart

Piktochart is available as a free web application. There are some restrictions with the free account, including on uploads, downloads and printing. Paid educational options are also available.

Training and guides

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3. Other data visualisation software

Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint are both useful tools for visualising data. Check our Training page for upcoming sessions on using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. 

Our Data visualisation guide lists more tools, software and programming languages for creating visual representations of data and online training options.

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