Data analysis is a process of examining data to discover useful information. Use data analysis tools to collect, evaluate and present data and draw conclusions.

Data analysis software is available on Centre for Digital Scholarship computers, via web-based portals or to download from Software at UQ.

Contact the Centre for Digital Scholarship for help with data analysis tools, installation advice and information on training sessions.

R and RStudio

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) to make R easier to use.


  • allows data manipulation, calculations and graphical display
  • has simple and advanced functions for data analysis, data management, statistics, data mining, machine learning, text analytics and data visualisation procedures
  • is useful for predictive modelling, clustering, classification, and exploratory techniques


  • includes a code editor (console and Rscripts), syntax-highlighting editor, code checking, and supports direct code execution
  • has tools for plotting, history, debugging, workspace management and help

View additional product information on R and RStudio.

Access R and RStudio software

R and RStudio are available as free, open source desktop applications. View license information. RStudio also has commercial editions.

On Centre for Digital Scholarship computers:

  1. Open the ZENworks window
  2. Click on the Specialised Applications folder
  3. Click on R
  4. Double click R Studio. This will open the free versions of both R and RStudio.

On your own computer - 

  • download R - choose one of the sites recommended for Australia 
  • download RStudio  - we recommend the RStudio Desktop free open source license

Training and guides

Check our Training page for upcoming R and RStudio sessions.

To enquire about sessions on R and RStudio, email the Centre for Digital Scholarship - 

Get started with R and RStudio:


Nvivo is software used to organise and analyse unstructured or qualitative data.

NVivo allows you to:

  • import data files from a variety of sources, including spreadsheets, surveys, social media and web pages 
  • organise your materials and sources
  • analyse text, audio, video and images
  • visually display the analysis in graphs, charts and diagrams

View additional information on NVivo.

Access NVivo

NVivo is available on library computers in these locations:

On Centre for Digital Scholarship training room computers:

  1. Open the ZENworks window
  2. In the Centre for Digital Scholarship folder choose On this PC
  3. Double click NVivo

Getting NVivo software on UQ computers. 

You can purchase a license to install NVivo on your own personal computer.

Training and guides

KNIME Analytics Platform

The KNIME Analytics Platform is a tool for analysing data that requires less skill to get started with than R.

Use KNIME Analytics Platform to:

  • create data workflows
  • perform different analysis steps
  • display the results as models or interactive views for interpretation

View additional information about KNIME Analytics Platform.

Access KNIME

KNIME analytics platform is available as a free open source desktop application under the GNU General Public License.

On Centre for Digital Scholarship computers:

  1. Open the ZENworks window
  2. In the Centre for Digital Scholarship folder click on On this PC
  3. Double click KNIME Analytics

Download KNIME to your own computer

Training and guides

Other data analysis software

Academic and research software is available through Information Technology Services (ITS). Including access information for these data analysis tools - SAS, Statistica, Matlab and SPSS.

Try Python - an open source tool available for free download. Python tutorials on to get you started.