Secondary sources

4. Books and looseleaf services


Books are an invaluable source of information for legal research. Books can provide you with:

  • an in-depth understanding of a particular practice area, topic or concept
  • relevant case references
  • relevant legislation references
  • relevant journal references

Use the drop-down menu in Library Search to find print and ebooks. Ebooks may be read online or downloaded to your computer or device. 

Screen shot of Library Search drop-down menu.

 Watch finding a book on the shelf (YouTube, 2m31s)

Looseleaf services

Looseleaf services are publications used by legal practitioners who specialise in particular area of law, and typically include:

  • legislation
  • annotations to legislation
  • recent case law
  • commentary

Traditionally, looseleaf services come in folders with 'looseleafs' that can be removed or inserted to reflect changes in the law. While they are mainly produced online now, looseleaf services continue to be regularly updated so they are a good source to check for any updates or changes to the law in a particular practice area.

The most frequently used looseleaf services are listed in the Legal research guide. Select the Looseleaf tab.

Open The Sale of Land by Voumard looseleaf resource online and scroll down to the Queensland legislation section. What is the name of the Act listed in this section?
    Check your answer