6. Finding Queensland legislation

Queensland legislation by the Office of Queensland Parliamentary Counsel provides access to official Acts and subordinate legislation. You can search or browse this website to find legisation.

If you are not sure about the title of the legislation you are after, secondary resources can help you to identify key legislation:

  • textbooks
  • looseleaf services
  • legal encyclopaedias
  • journal articles.

Finding current Acts

To find the most current version of an Act, look for In force legislation. You can browse if you know the title of the Act or the year it came into force.

Finding point-in-time Acts

The ability to find Acts as they looked at a particular point-in-time is an important skill to possess. Using the Queensland legislation website, you can generally access reprints or historical versions from 1991 onwards. 

 Watch How do I use the timeline to find historical reprints? (MP4, 17MB) 

Screenshot of OQPC website showing timeline feature
The OQPC website makes it very easy to check the currency of your version by selecting Timeline.
Sourced from the Queensland Legislation website at 4 February 2019. For the latest information on Queensland Government legislation please go to https://www.legislation.qld.gov.au (CC BY-NC-ND)

For historical point-in-time research prior to 1991, you can access Queensland Statute Reprints, or look for printed consolidations in the Library collection.

Finding historical Acts

There are a number of historical legislation databases, the chief one being Queensland Law, which  contains:

  • The Public Acts of Queensland 1828-1936
  • Queensland Commencement Legislation
  • Letters Patent Establishing Boundaries for Queensland
  • Queensland Criminal Code 1879-1899.

The Queensland Historical Acts in AustLII is also a valuable database.

To locate the latest version of a Queensland Act, using the Queensland Legislation website, which section of the website should you browse?
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