Use our online interactive modules to help build your students’ research and digital skills.  The modules, created in H5P, include interactive multimedia elements and quiz questions that allow for immediate feedback to student responses. You can embed the module in your course, check your students’ responses to questions or link the module with Grade Centre.

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H5P modules and learning resources

You can view our modules via the following links:

  • Digital Essentials — select modules to help your students build the digital capabilities they need to complete their courses and assignments.
  • EndNote referencing software — getting started with EndNote and the more advanced features for writing a thesis or publication
  • Advanced literature searching — advanced searching techniques that can be used for all topics when conducting a scoping, systematic or literature review. There are also specific skills and tools for disciplines that are covered in our Discipline specific tutorials.
  • Getting started with UQ Library — online modules on how to use UQ Library resources to find information needed for assignments.