To share an online article or book chapter with your students, please try either of the following:

Option 1 - Get us to do it

If you add any new items to an Electronic Course Profile (3.1 Required Resources and 3.2 Recommended Resources) at any time during semester, we will automatically recieve the changes.

We will update your course reading list with the changes. New items and changes are processed in the order they are received.

Option 2 - Share a Library Search permalink

Using a Library Search permalink ensures that your students will be prompted to log in to the Library if they are off-campus or need to log in to view an item.

It's very quick to get the link: in any tab on a record, choose Save/Share and Permalink:

Screen shot of Permalink item details screen.

Option 3 - Construct a link that works on and off campus

Link to a freely available online document by copying the URL from your browser window and adding it to your Blackboard page.

If the document is not freely available, and can only be accessed by UQ users, please use the tool below. This creates a URL that will allow students to access the material both on-campus and from home.

Paste the DOI, a permalink, or the URL from your browser window. Then copy the converted URL and add it to your Blackboard page.


Unfortunately, there are difficulties in creating shareable URLs for some databases and publishers. If a converted URL doesn't work, please contact your librarian.

Copyright note: Do not link to websites, images, YouTube clips, or documents etc. that include content which you may suspect is available online without the copyright owner's permission.