You can request:

  • a training session, in both print and electronic resources, for your Year 11 or 12 students 
  • a guided library tour for your class
  • a self-guided visit for your class
  • paid staff training session in the use of electronic resources at your school

How to book

  1. Choose your type of tour or training (described below)
  2. Book your session
  3. We will contact you regarding your booking

Book a tour or training session (opens in new window)

The maximum class size that can be catered for is 45 students.
​Please phone Cyberschool staff on 3365 7065 or 3365 6064 to discuss options for larger groups.

1. Training sessions

Our training sessions are tailored to your class's assignment topic. They also include:

  • a guided tour of the relevant Library 
  • free access to the Library for the rest of the day

Print and electronic resources

To book, select: Training session - print and electronic on the form.

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Students are shown how to locate print resources, journal articles from databases, and eBooks from UQ Library Search

Print resources only

To book, select: Training session - print on the form.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Students shown how to locate books from UQ Library Search

Electronic resources only

To book, select: Training session - electronic on the form.

  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Students shown how to locate journal articles from databases, and eBooks from UQ Library Search
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2. Short guided tours

These tours are ideal if your class is visiting the UQ campus and you don't require a training session.

To book, select: Guided tour on the form.

  • Duration: 20 minutes
  • Students are shown through the Library relevant to their subject interests
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3. Self guided visit

You are able to organise an independent visit for your class. A booking is still necessary so Library staff are informed of visiting groups.

  1. Book the session, select: Self-Guided Visits on the form
  2. Review our resources for self-guided visits


  • Best for students who have previously attended training
  • No UQL Cyberschool staff are required for this visit
  • We will email you with information necessary for your visit
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4. Staff training conducted at your school

UQL Cyberschool staff can visit your school to conduct a session for staff.

To book, select: Staff Training conducted at your school on the form.

  • Duration: 1 - 2 hours
  • Cost: $270.00 (GST inclusive)
  • Covers use of the UQL Cyberschool website and school subscribed databases
  • No refunds given for cancellations received within 7 days of scheduled training
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