Before placing an order for a UQ thesis, search UQ eSpace and the UQ Library Search to determine if it is available and whether it is digitised or not as this affects the cost and delivery time.

UQ eSpace 

1. Enter the Title and / or Author Name (surname), then select Display Type: "Thesis Version MODS 1.0", as illustrated below:



2. Click on the title to view the complete record:



There are 3 possible outcomes depending on your result

1. If this is the thesis and there is a file attached, click on the Order a copy button to get to the links to the appropriate order form.

eSpace record with attachment


2. If you find a record, but no attached file you will need to scroll to the bottom of the record to see if it is an "Embargoed thesis". We are unfortunately unable to supply these thesis records. 

3. If you got no results for the digitised thesis or a Citation only record, you'll need to order the digitisation of the thesis.

eSpace record with citation only



You may also search our catalogue for a thesis, however please be aware that it contains records of non-UQ theses, and as such we are unable to provide copies.