Your Blackboard profile is a brief academic profile within Learn.UQ. Fill in and use your profile to participate more fully in your courses and get to know people.

Video Guide

My Blackboard Profiles (YouTube, 2m 45s)

Setup your Learn.UQ profile

  1. Click your name in the top right of Learn.UQ
  2. Then click the View Profile button 
  3. Click the Edit My Blackboard Profile button under the profile image

Enter your profile details

  • Insert your email address
  • Click Submit

Personal details

  • Make sure your name is correct
  • Enter your current degree

Information about you

Keep the context academic, e.g.:

  • Your current courses
  • Your degree major
  • Your interests in the subject area
  • Whether you're interested in joining a study group

Privacy options

Choose: My instituion or Private as your privacy setting. These options will enable you to confirm anyone who wishes to follow you.

  • Choosing All Blackboard users means that your profile can be viewed at any school or university using Blackboard anywhere in the world.
  • Choosing Private may prevent you from participating in certain course activities.

Profile picture

Your profile picture will appear beside your posts in course discussion boards or blogs.

Photo guidelines

  • Coloured photo
  • Head shot

Photos should be suitable for an academic context as they will be viewed by your instructors and fellow students.

  • Users are encourage to flag any inappropriate content uploaded as a user profile picture
  • Flagged content will be blocked, reviewed and the user will be contacted via email to change the image

Upload/update your profile picture

Click Change Picture on your profile page.

Follow, block or report a user

Follow a Learn.UQ user

Follow a user to see their activity and posts within a course.

Follow using the user profile card

On a course discussion board, blog or wiki:

  • Mouse over the user's profile picture
  • Click Follow

Follow using the Global Navigation Menu

  • Open the Global Navigation Menu by clicking your name in the top right
  • Click the People icon
  • Locate a user and click Follow

Block a user

You can block another to user to prevent them viewing your profile or from interacting with you.

  • Mouse over the user's profile picture
  • Click Block


Report unsuitable content

  1. Mouse over the user's profile picture
  2. Click click the Report flag
  3. Fill out the form and detail the content you feel is inappropriate
  4. Click Submit


A Learn.UQ administrator will receive and review the report If the content is found to be inappropriate they will block the user's profile and an email will be sent to the user giving them an opportunity to adjust their profile and request the profile be unblocked