What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is the Learn.UQ media server that allows students to upload course related media content:

  • Video files or a webcam recording
  • Audio
  • A screen capture

Kaltura videos are private and cannot be viewed by the public. The media can be submitted as part of a Blackboard assignment or added to a Course Gallery as required by your instructor.

How does it work?

Your media files can be uploaded as you submit your assignment or beforehand using your My Media area. The file is processed and will then be available for play back within Learn.UQ.

Do not delete a Kaltura file that you have submitted as part of an assignment. This will make the file unavailable for marking by your instructor.

My Media

My Media is your video storage space.You can:

  • Upload, view and delete your videos
  • Edit your video information: title, tags, description etc.
  • Add your video to a course gallery (if this feature is enabled)
  • Create a clip based on one of your videos

Print version

Kaltura guideĀ (PDF 1.07 MB)

Video assignment recommendations guide (PDF 188KB)