Navigating Course Content in LearnX

  1. Access your LearnX course via the link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Access LearnX Content guide.
  2. Once in LearnX, you will land on the Course tab.
  3. Scroll down past the Welcome message.

  1. Click on the arrows to expand sub-content.
  2. Click on the content item you need to access.

  1. You can progress through content by clicking the Next button.
  2. You can review previous content by clicking the Previous button.

  1. The icons between the Previous and Next buttons indicate the type of activity/content that must be completed on the page.
  2. You can click on these icons to navigate to that particular page. 
  • video icon in edx edge = Video
  • text icon in edx edge = Text or Discussions
  • assessment icon in edx edge = Assessment (i.e. Quiz)
  1. You can also click on the breadcrumb links at the top of each page to navigate to specific sections of the content.