4. Confirm your submission

You should receive a confirmation page as a digital receipt. This information will also be sent to your student e-mail account.  

digital receipt

If the submission was successful:

Click Return to assignment list to return to the assignment listing to view the Similarity Report (if available).

originality report button

If the submission was not successful:

  • Note the error message (preferably take a screenshot)
  • Go to your assignment page and see if it is possible to submit again.
  • Follow the course procedure for informing your instructor or tutor of the failed submission including all relevant information.

To allow for the many possible technical problems with computers, internet etc. students are advised to commence assignment uploads at least 3 hours before they are due. If you don’t receive a submission id you should regard your submission as unsuccessful.  It is the responsibility of the student to check the assignment preview and confirm that the assignment has been successfully submitted. Students need to keep a copy of the Submission ID as proof they have submitted the assignment.


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