Access Zoom

  1. Visit (for UQ machines please follow the Self-install Guide).
  2. Under Zoom Client for Meetings, click on the Download button to download the Zoom Installer file.

the download button is highlighted

  1. Run the downloaded file to automatically install Zoom on your laptop device.
  2. Zoom should open automatically once installation is complete. 
  3. Click on the Sign In with SSO button.

the sign in with SSO button is highlighted

  1. In the text-field, enter uqz.
  2. Click on the Continue button.

  1. A webpage will launch and a pop-up window will appear.
  2. Click on the Open Zoom Meetings button.

  1. Enter your UQ username and password.
  2. Click on the Login button.

Check Zoom settings

  1. Click on the Settings button. 

the settings button is highlighted

Check Audio and Video Settings

  1. Click on the Audio tab in the menu.

the audio option is highlighted

  1. Click on the Test Speaker and Test Mic buttons to test your audio.

the test speaker and test mic buttons are highlighted

  1. Click on the Video tab in the menu.

the video option is highlighted

  1. Click on the Camera dropdown menu to select your desired video source.
  2. Once you have finished checking the audio and video settings, close the Settings window.

the X button and camera is highlighted

Optionally Enable Virtual Backgrounds

  1. In the General tab, click on the Enable Advanced Features link.

enable advanced features link is highlighted

  1. A webpage will launch with your Advanced Feature settings.
  2. Turn on the Virtual background setting under the In Meeting (Advanced) heading.
  3. Close the webpage and navigate back to Zoom.

the virtual background button is highlighted

Launch a Zoom session

  1. Click on the Start with video button to launch a Zoom meeting.

the start with video button is highlighted

  1. A pop-up window will appear with audio conference options.
  2. Click on the Join with Computer Audio button. 

the join with computer audio button is highlighted

Optionally Add a Virtual Background


  1. Click on the Choose a Virtual Background option to launch the settings menu.

the arrow and virtual background buttons are highlighted

  1. Click on the Add Image button.

Note: Refer to the Virtual Background Information section below for a range of backgrounds.

the add image button is highlighted

  1. Choose an image for your virtual background,.
  2. Click on the Open button to choose your selected background.

the file and open button are highlighted

  1. Select your desired background by clicking on the image.
  2. Click on the colour picker box to activate the tool.
  3. Click anywhere on the green screen to select the background colour to be replaced with your chosen image. 

the greenscreen button is highlighted\

  1. Your virtual background will automatically be applied. 
  2. Click on the button to close the window.

The X button is highlighted

Share your screen or a PowerPoint

  1. Click on the Share button.

share button highlighted

Share your screen

  1. Select Screen to share your entire computer screen and any apps you access during the recording.
  2. Click on the Share button to share your screen.

screen share highlighted

Share a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Open your desired PowerPoint presentation on your computer.
  2. Ensure your presentation is in Slide Show view and minimise the presentation. 
  3. In Zoom, select your presentation in Slide Show view to share (i.e. not the presenter or normal app view).
  4. Click on the Share button to share your presentation.

powerpoint app shared in slide show view

Record your presentation

When sharing your screen or PowerPoint

  1. Click on the Record button.
  2. Select Record to Computer from the drop-down menu to start the recording.

record to computer file

When sharing only the webcam

  1. Click on the Record button.
  2. Select Record to Computer from the drop-down menu to start the recording.

record on this computer

Pause and resume the recording

  1. Click on the Pause button, to pause the recording throughout the meeting.
  2. Click on the button again to resume the recording.

the pause recording button is highlighted

Save the recording

  1. Once you have finished the recording, click on the Stop button.

the stop button is highlighted

  1. Click on the End Meeting button to end the session.

the end meeting button is highlighted

  1. Once the video file has finished converting, it will be saved automatically as a MP4 file on your computer within C:\Users\uqabcde\Documents\zoom in an individual folder. 

Submit or Contribute Your Video

Refer to the Submit a video or audio assignment or guide for information on submitting an.mp4 file to a Blackboard assignment or the Course Gallery.

Virtual Background Information

Book a room with a green screen

  1. Visit

  2. Click on the LIBRARY ROOMS button.

the library rooms button is highlighted

  1. In the REFINE SEARCH side menu, locate the GREEN SCREEN filter option and tick the box.

green screen checkbox is highlighted

  1. Book an available room.

Note: Currently the only rooms with green screens are:

  • 12-N106A Central Library
  • 93-204A Biological Sciences Library

Example Virtual Backgrounds

Click on any of the images below to view and save a copy for use as a virtual background in Zoom.

sandstone arches

sandstone and trees


big old tree


law library

law library


books and seats

AEB theatre front

AEB theatre side

AEB theatre back