This guide details the process of completing a combination with Turnitin final, deferred or supplementary exam.

The exam consists of two parts:

  • Part A: All exam questions will be included within a Blackboard Test.
  • Part B: A Blackboard Test will be used to release the exam question paper and the exam answers file will be submitted to Turnitin.

Note: You are able to complete Part A and Part B of your exam in any order, unless your Course Coordinator has specified otherwise.

If you have a set-time exam, you will start at the time listed on your personal examination timetable and submit the exam by the due date. There will be an additional 30 minutes at the end of the specified exam duration for the submission and upload of your completed exam. This time is not intended as extra working time. If you experience technical difficulties you may use this time at your own discretion, but you must leave sufficient time to complete and upload your completed examination.

If you have a 12/48 hour exam, exam completion may occur at any time within the window of time. The 30 minute additional time allowance does not apply to 12 hour and 48 hour online exams. You must ensure you have sufficient time to complete and upload your examination within the 12 or 48 hour period.

For information on preparing for your online exam, refer to the Preparing for online exam success guide.

Video guide

Complete a combination with Turnitin exam (YouTube 6m 27s)

3. Complete Part A of your exam

Begin Part A of the exam

Warning: There is no timer for your exam, therefore you will need to montior your own time and submit Part A before the due date.

  1. Click on the exam link (i.e. ABCD1234 Semester Two Final Examination 2020 - PART A) to open your exam in a new window. 

exam link in course

  1. Click on the Begin button. 

Note: By clicking on the Begin button, you are agreeing to the UQ academic integrity pledge included in the Description

begin button

  1. In most cases, all exam questions will be shown at once.
  2. Questions are automatically saved every couple minutes, however you can manually save answers by clicking on the Save Answer button.

Tip: Observe whether questions are automatically saving correctly. If you notice a problem or your answers are not saving correctly, contact AskUs at the time you notice it.

Save answer button

  1. For Essay questions, you may need to click on the double arrow to expand the text editor to view more formatting options.

expand text editor

    Keep track of your progress

    An additional 30 minutes has been added to the duration of online exams with a set working time (i.e. the exam has a specific start and finish time).

    The exam duration provided in your personal examination timetable does not include the additional 30 minutes. You must plan to complete your exam within the exam duration shown on your personal examination timetable and then submit and/or start uploading your exam.

    Regularly save your work and take timestamped photos or screenshots of your progress regularly throughout your online examination. This is very important in the event that you are unable to complete your exam, or if you submit your exam late, due to unforeseen technical difficulties.

    1. Click on the double arrow to expand Question Completion Status to view which questions have been saved.

    test timer

    1. Saved questions will have a grey background; remaining questions will have a white background. 

    question completion status