Starting your exam 

Once you have downloaded and installed Inspera Exam Portal, and done the preparation tasks above, you will be ready to access your exam on exam day. Follow the instructions below to do this: 

  1. Open Inspera Exam Portal and click Next at the Introduction screen, 
  2. Complete the System Checks in Inspera Exam Portal, then click Next.  
  3. Click Authenticate and log in using your UQ Single Sign-On (SSO) details 

Note: Windows users: If you receive an “Update Windows” notification, click Skip for now

  1. After authentication is complete, click Next. 
  2. From the Select Test list, choose your exam. 
  3. Enter the PIN-code provided by your teaching team, then click Unlock and Select, then click Next.
  4. Complete the Remote Proctoring Support checks, then click Next. 
  5. Complete Audio and video devices check, ensuring the correct camera and microphone are selected and working, then click Select, then click Next.

Note: The Select button will only appear when both the selected camera and the selected microphone have been detected and found to be working. 

  1. Complete the Photo check, then click Next. 
  2. Complete the ID check, then click Next.
  3. Click Start Test to commence your exam.

If you encounter any problems when completing the above steps, please contact AskUs on +61 7 3335 7047 (or via 

Upon entering the exam, you will be presented with a start page similar to the example below. You can find useful information such as the exam name, exam window, exam time limit, and any additional time that has been added (for information about approved additional time, refer to Inspera Dashboard guide).

inspera dashboard

During the exam 

Your exam will be recorded and the recording will be reviewed by the course coordinator. 

If there is a disruption to your environment during the exam, for example someone walking past in the background, this will also be recorded and reviewed to ensure academic integrity hasn’t been breached. 

If you need to go to the bathroom during the exam, you can.  Please note that your exam timer will continue counting down during your bathroom break. When you leave the view of the camera, this event will be flagged in the recording of your exam. You should therefore announce to the camera verbally that you are leaving for a bathroom break so the reviewer can better understand why the event was flagged in the recording. 

Submitting your exam 

Once you are ready to submit your exam, click Submit on the final summary page. You can access this page by clicking the tick icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen. If your exam time expires, you will automatically be taken to this page and will no longer be able to access any of the other pages of the exam. After you click Submit, you will see a countdown on screen telling you that the Inspera Exam Portal is closing. At the end of the countdown, your microphone, camera and screen will stop recording. A new window will open, indicating that the recording of your exam and supervision data is being uploaded. Do not close this window. It works in the background to upload the remainder of your exam but nothing further is recorded.

What to do if you experience technical difficulties 

If you have technical difficulties during your examination process, do your best to keep calm and reach out for help. Take photos of your screen including the error message or issue and the time and date on your computer screen (Note: Taking screenshots in Inspera Exam Portal may not always be possible. Taking photographs of your screen using a separate device like a phone will be more reliable). AskUs will help you to resolve any technical issues as quickly as possible (see contact details below).  

Support for computer technical difficulties 

If you are experiencing technical problems during the exam, follow any on-screen advice provided within Inspera. Do not close Inspera Exam Portal. Contact AskUs on +61 7 3335 7047 (or via 

Technological issues that can’t be resolved during the exam 

If your problem can’t be resolved during the exam you can apply for a deferred exam via the deferred examination process.  Ensure you have taken screenshots of error messages, as suggested above, to support your application. 

Academic integrity 

It is expected that all students will adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity during the examination. This means that:  

  • All work must be your own individual work 
  • You will not communicate with any person during the examination 
  • You will value the University’s academic integrity pledge. 
  • Be aware that should there be any doubt that the work submitted was not entirely your own or there is a breach of exam conditions, the concerns will be forwarded to the School’s Integrity Officer for investigation.  

The whole exam-taking process is recorded and can be reviewed by your school’s Academic Integrity Office. The kinds of events that will be flagged are: 

  • Fully or partially covering your face (for example, leaning on your hands) 
  • Talking or making other loud noises 
  • Covering or disconnecting your camera 
  • Disconnecting your microphone 
  • Leaving your computer or disappearing from the view of the camera 
  • Closing Inspera Exam Portal before submitting your exam 
  • Additional people being present in the room. 

Note: flagging of events does not immediately indicate academic misconduct in the same way text matching tools (like Turnitin) do not immediately indicate plagiarism. Any suspected breaches of academic integrity will be reviewed under the UQ Student Integrity and Misconduct policy. Incidents are investigated under usual UQ procedures, in the same way that an incident report from a pen and paper exam is investigated.