The online course can be found on the edX (Edge) online learning platform. ​For subsequent access to edX (Edge), refer the guide Access edX (Edge) Content for more information.

Note: This process only needs to be completed once.

  1. Open your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course.
  2. Click on required menu link e.g. Learning Resources.

menu link to learning resources

  1. Click on edX (Edge) registration.

edx edge registration link

  1. You will be taken to the UQ Single Sign-on page. Enter your UQ username and password and click the LOGIN button.

uq single sign on page

  1. You will then be redirected to the course.
  2. Click on the Enroll in [Course Name] button. e.g. Enroll in ECON1010

enroll in course name button

  1. Click on View Course to access the course.

view course link