Video Guide

Navigate edX (Edge) (YouTube, 1m 29s)

Navigating course content in edX (Edge)

  1. Access your edX (Edge) course via the link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course. For step-by-step instructions, refer to the Access edX (Edge) Content guide.
  2. In the Course page, click on the View Course or Resume Course button to access your content.

courses tab

  1. Click on the arrows to expand sub-content.
  2. Click on the appropriate link to access the content.

arrows to expand

  1. You can progress through content by clicking the Next button.
  2. You can review previous content by clicking the Previous button.

next and previous buttons in edx edge

  1. The icons between the Previous and Next buttons indicate the type of activity/content that must be completed on the page.
  2. You can click on these icons to navigate to that particular page. 
  • video icon in edx edge = Video
  • text icon in edx edge = Text or Discussions
  • assessment icon in edx edge = Assessment (i.e. Quiz)
  1. Click on the breadcrumb links to navigate to specific sections of the content.

content links at top of page

Video Guide

Student View (YouTube, 1m 38s)


Your progress is indicated by the green tick, which appears after 6 seconds on text-only pages while pages with videos require the whole video to be watched.

green tick selected


In addition, students can bookmark pages for easy access to other parts.

  1. In your edX (Edge) course, click on the Bookmark this page link.

bookmark this page selected

  1. Access Bookmarks by returning to the edX (Edge) course's main mage and clicking on the Bookmarks link.

bookmarks option selected


Students can create notes based on the text in the edX (Edge) course.

  1. Highlight the text and click on the pencil icon.

highlighted text, then pencil icon selected

  1. Enter your note then click on the Save button.

Note: After writing and saving notes, you can hover over the newly highlighted section to either:

  • See the note
  • Edit the note
  • Or delete the note

highlighted text, note selected

  1. Access previously-entered notes by clicking on the Notes page.

notes page selected