Download the App

The Echo360 app can be downloaded directly from the Google Play StoreApple Store and Windows Store.

iTunes Google Play windows

echo360 app


  1. Enter your email address in the format
  2. Click on the SUBMIT button.

email address

  1. Enter your UQ username and password and click on LOGIN.
  2. Click on the CLOSE button to accept the Privacy Agreement.


Navigate presentations

  1. Select the required course, to change semesters click on the Menu icon.

select course

  1. Select a different semester if required.

select semester

Trouble Shooting Tips: If your course is not displayed try the following:

  • Check you have the correct semester selected.
  • Close the app and open it again to refresh the courses.
  • Click on the Lecture Recordings link in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) course to ensure your account is set up.
  • Wait overnight for the enrolments in Echo360 to be updated.
  1. Select the required lecture.

select lecture

  1. Select the required slide.


  1. To navigate the slides swipe right or left.

first slide

Respond to an Activity Slide

Note: The below example illustrates responding to a Multiple Choice question (set up as a True/False question). Refer the Responding to Activity Slides guide for more information on responding to all five possible question types.

  1. Select the correct answer.
  2. Click on the SUBMIT button.

Note: You may need to scroll or zoom in to view all the options and/or the Submit button.

select answer

When the class has finished responding, your course coordinator will display and discuss the result.