Create or edit a blog post on Learn.UQ.

Create a blog post

Follow any instructions or guidelines provided by your instructor. Ensure the content is appropriate. You may not be able to delete it.

  1. Go to your individual, group, or course blog in your course
  2. Click Create Blog Entry
  3. Enter a descriptive title 
  4. Add the body of your post in the Entry message box
    Instructions for using the text editor.
  5. Attach any files
  6. Click Post Entry to publish the post or Save Entry as draft to return to the post later

Published posts are displayed with a timestamp on the blog.

Attach a file to a post

  • Click on the Browse My Computer or Browse Dropbox under Blog Entry Files
  • Browse to and open the required files
  • Repeat for any other files you need to attach

Click on the Do not attach remove any attached file before you submit

Resuming a saved draft post

Click View Drafts button on your blog page.

Click on the draft link

  • Finish writing the post or attaching files
  • Click the Post Entry button

Edit an existing blog post

Your instructor may have configured the post so posts can not be edited.

  1. Click on the arrow next to the post title
  2. Select Edit from the drop down menu
  3. Edit the post as required
  4. Click Post Entry button

Viewing other participants' blogs

Your can view other participants' blogs by clicking on the  expand button or using the   right and left navigation buttons.

Add a comment

  • Browse to the required post:
  • Click on the  expand button or use the   left and right navigation buttons
  • Click on the post link in the right hand side index
  • Click on the Comment button
  • Enter your comment in the Comment textbox
  • Click on the Add button

Multimedia cannot be added to comments.

View comments

  • Browse to the required blog/journal post
  • Click on the comments link

Delete a comment

Your instructor may not allow you to delete comments.

  1. Open the required blog/journal
  2. Click on the link to the required blog/journal link
  3. Click on the Comments link
  4. Click on the  delete icon next to the comment