If you have been allocated extra time in Inspera, you will be able to view the extra time on the Inspera dashboard.

The dashboard under My Tests will show exam start time, standard end time, standard time limit (including planning time), approved extra time and adjusted exam end time
The dashboard under My tests will show the exam time details. Click to view a larger image.

Exam start time: The date/time you will commence your exam. This information will be available on your personal timetable.

Standard end time: This is the standard end time for students without exam adjustments.

Standard time limit: This is the standard exam duration (as per the ECP) including planning time. This does not include your extra time.

Extra time: The amount of extra time you will have to complete your exam, as per your Alternative Exam Arrangement.

Adjusted end time: The date/time your exam will end. This includes the standard duration of the exam including planning time plus extra time.

PDF version of this information: Extra time for Inspera Online Exams (PDF, 245KB)