3D printing is available to UQ staff and Students at a cost of $5 per model printed.

MakerBot 3D printer.

Print a 3D model

3D file details

Obtaining and creating 3D designs.

  • your file should be an Object (.obj) or Stereolithography (.stl) file only
  • maximum size of 247mm x 194mm x 145mm or maximum print time of 4 hours

Payment information

After submitting a 3D print job you will be emailed a job number.

  1. Pay online using a credit card and quote your job number
  2. Your total cost is $5.00 x number of copies you request

Collecting your job

We will email you to collect your model at the  AskUs Service point, level 1, Social Sciences and Humanities Library (Building # 12), St Lucia.


  • 3D models may come with small defects as a result of printing
  • 3D model may include support structures including printed bases and pillars to prevent drooping. It is your responsibility to remove these structures. We are unable to reprint models damaged as a result of removing these structures
  • The UQ Library reserves the right to refuse any submission
  • Use of this equipment must comply with your obligations under the Student Charter and the Policy on Acceptable Use of the University's Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) resources (PPL 6.20.01)

Image compares dog with support structures still attached and dog with support structures removed.

Contact information

Contact 3dprinting@library.uq.edu.au if you have any questions about 3D printing at the Library.