The University of Queensland is party to an agreement that allows use of commercially available musical recordings for a range of educational purposes. The following provides an outline of the scope of this agreement and how it affects university staff and students.

What is the music licence?

It is a private contractual agreement that allows the University of Queensland to use commercially available musical recordings for a variety of educational purposes. The parties to the agreement are Universities Australia (which brokered the agreement) 38 Australian universities and the major music copyright societies (AMCOS, APRA, ARIA and PPCA).

The agreement does not permit staff and students of the University of Queensland to copy musical works for private, non-educational purposes, or to download music from internet sources.

What does it allow the university to do?

  • Make audio recordings and provide them to students for class-related work. This would include, for example, making compilation CDs or DVDs and supplying them to students. Academics should contact their Liaison Librarian for details;
  • Communicate music online via a password-protected University website. The musical recordings can be 'streamed', but must not be made available in downloadable format. Any such material can only be made available through a specifically designated University web server. Once again, academics should contact their Liaison Librarian.
  • Perform sound recordings in public for educational purposes, but not if there is a 'box office' - i.e. people are charged for entry. This would include performances and recitals by students that form part of their overall course requirements, whether or not for specific assessment.
  • Incorporate musical recordings into video recordings (in any format) for educational purposes (e.g. student films for assessment), or make video recordings of university events (non-box office) that include musical recordings.

Copyright advice and support

Please email us at copyright@library.uq.edu.au or contact your Liaison Librarian if you have copyright-related questions.