Australian art

Collection overview

Our collection contains papers of Australian artists such as Daphne Mayo and Donald Friend. The Queensland Art Fund, Royal Queensland Art Society and Half Dozen Group collections contain correspondence, newsletters, meeting minutes and other records from these established arts bodies.

Hidden gems such as Vida Lahey’s Rudiments of the Language of Art can also be found in our ephemera collection. Fryer Gallery Files, which are arranged by gallery name, contain invitations, price lists and small catalogue publications from artist run spaces and commercial galleries in Brisbane.

Items from our collections are also featured in exhibitions in collaboration with other cultural bodies on campus, such as UQ Art Museum, the Antiquities and Anthropology museums.


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Sculptor Daphne Mayo. Born in Balmain, Sydney in 1895, Daphne Mayo was to become an extraordinary and formidable woman of her time.

Researching Gertrude Langer. Gertrude Langer worked for The Courier Mail as an art critic from the mid 1950s until her death in 1984.

Darnell Fine Arts Committee exhibition. Professor Priestly discusses a painting by Vida Lahey with Dr Joan Allsop and Mrs Una Prentice. 


Location & access

This collection is located at the Fryer Library. To view Fryer Library material, use the online form and plan your visit. Items in the Fryer Library may not be borrowed but are available for use in the Reading Room.