Items you require may already be on loan to another client, at our warehouse or at another UQ campus. Place a hold on these items and we will arrange for them to be delivered to the library location of your choice, free of charge. If a book is on the shelf at your campus, you may retreive it yourself. Clients with disabilities may request staff assistance.

Placing a hold

  1. Log in to the Library website
  2. Find the item in UQ Library Search and click on its title
  3. Click on or scroll to Get it
  4. Click the Place a hold link
  5. Choose your pickup location 
    • if it is at your campus, you will not be able to place a hold if the item is available
    • if you're an external/remote student, select your home address for delivery
  6. Optionally: specify a 'not needed after' date, whereby we can automatically cancel the hold for you
  7. Click Place a hold

If the item is on loan to a client they will receive an email alerting them the item has been recalled. Recalled loans must be returned within 7 days. Items coming from the warehouse or another campus should arrive within 5 working days.

When your requested item is ready for collection you will receive an email. Items will be held for 5 days at the "Requested items" shelf in the library. Check the floor maps for the selected library to locate this shelf.

Cancelling a hold request

  1. View your requests in your account
  2. Click the Cancel link for the request