Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinators visit UQ

On Thursday 13 October 2022, the Library welcomed participants of the annual Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinator’s Workshop provided by the State Library of Queensland (SLQ). 

About the visit 

The group of 18 coordinators, 5 Indigenous Shire Council members and 7 SLQ Indigenous Services staff spent the morning at St Lucia campus.  

They viewed special collections from the Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature and enjoyed a curator-led tour of the Camps, cottages, and homes: A brief history of Indigenous housing in Queensland exhibition at the UQ Anthropology Museum.  

Exploring Fryer Library special collections 

In the FW Robinson Reading Room, the group learned how to search and access special collections.  

Three people looking at books and papers across two tables.
Group members examining special collection items in the FW Robinson Reading Room.

They engaged with collections on languages and communities, and shared stories. Some of the group members located photographs of their relatives. 

Two Indigenous Knowledge Centre coordinators looking black and white photos in an album.
Indigenous Knowledge Centre Coordinators viewing photographs from Murray Island Fisheries Collection (UQFL49 Series B)Photo courtesy of SLQ Cairns. 

Coordinators from the Torres Strait sang songs from the Thursday Island Highschool book in Kala Lagaw Ya (Western Torres Strait language).  

Dalassa Sailor with photo album of black and white photos.
Dalassa Sailor, Bamaga IKC Coordinator viewing photographs at Fryer Library. Photo courtesy of SLQ Cairns.

Based on discussions with Coordinators, the Library will digitise some of the items for addition to collections at Indigenous Knowledge Centres. 

The Coordinators enjoyed viewing the Collections at Fryer Library stating that it was good to see items of interest to their communities.  

UQ staff would like to thank the Indigenous Services Team and the State Library of Queensland for organising the visit to Fryer Library.  

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About Indigenous Knowledge Centres 

Indigenous Knowledge Centres are owned and operated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Shire Councils.  

In partnership with State Library of Queensland, the Centres’ deliver a range of programs and services including a lending library service, free access to public internet computers and cultural preservation activities. 

Visit Celebrating 20 years of Indigenous Knowledge Centres or check out the 20 Years Strong showcase at the State Library of Queensland until 2 April 2023. 


Last updated:
4 November 2022