Access change for the APA PsycInfo database from 1 Jan 2023

From 1 January 2023, we will provide the APA PsycInfo database on a different platform via Library Search for a better search experience. Access through the PsycNet platform will cease on 31 December.

This change will affect any shortcuts you have to APA PsycInfo, your saved searches, and for course coordinators, your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) links to that database. 

  • Updated 6 December 22: added instructions for accessing APA PsycInfo on EBSCOhost and recreating saved searches in the new platform.
  • Originally published on 24 October 22.

What you can expect

You can expect a reliable and enhanced search experience on the EBSCOhost platform. This includes:

  • better search functionality, including for complex searches and systematic reviews, and field and command line searching
  • the ability to bulk export your search results (up to 25 thousand records at once)
  • a familiar experience from using other databases on EBSCOhost such as Business Source Complete, Medline and Cinahl. 

Copy your saved searches before 31 Dec

Saved searches will not be migrated to the new platform. You need to copy any searches you wish to retain.

During December 2022, you will have access to PsycInfo on both platforms via Library Search.

  1. Before 31 December: copy your saved searches into a document or text file so you have a backup.
  2. Recreate your searches in PsycNet on the EBSCOhost platform. You will need to create an EBSCO account if you do not already have one.

How to copy your saved searches

  1. Access APA PsycInfo (PsycNet platform) via Library Search
    This link will stop working from 1 January 2023. We will remove the record from Library Search soon after.
  2. In the database, click the My PsycNet button

For each saved search you wish to retain:

  1. Click the Edit (Pencil) button for the search
  2. Into a word document or text file:
    1. Enter the field names (e.g. Title or Abstract)
    2. Below the field name, copy and paste the content of each field from the database
      (Right-click > Select All and Right-click > Copy)
    3. Include any boolean operators (OR, AND, NOT) between the fields
    4. Add your date range and any filters.
  3. When you have captured all the details, click Back in your browser to return to your saved searches.
Example of a saved search for sexual orientation and gender identity keywords copied to a Word Document. The information should enable you to recreate the exact search on the new platform.

The example details the fields being searched (Title and Abstract) followed by the search string pasted in full and the date range (2005-2021). Boolean operators are included to show how the search is combined (AND, OR and NOT).

Recreate your searches on EBSCOhost

Sign in or create an EBSCO account

Access APA PsycInfo (EBSCOhost platform) via Library Search. You will be signed in via the University.

  1. Click the Sign In button
  2. Log in with your EBSCO account or press Sign up to create an account

Build a search

  1. Press Advanced Search
  2. Recreate your search by replicating the fields and search text
  3. Update the search options to match your saved search
  4. Press Search to run your search and check the results

The Search History/Alerts section, above your search results, tracks your recent searches. You can view search results or edit the search.

Save your searches

After building your search, use the checkboxes in the Search History/Alerts section to select one or more searches to save.

  1. Press Saved Searches/Alerts 
  2. Enter a name and description 
  3. Press Save to finish 

Access your saved searches

In the database, press the Folder button to view your saved searches or search alerts. 

Update your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) links

Course coordinators will need to update any manual links to APA PsycInfo in your Learn.UQ (Blackboard) courses from 1 January 2023 as they will stop working. See Linking to resources in courses for more information.

Reading lists: the Library will update any links in your course reading lists for Semester 1, 2023.

Get assistance or further information

Email or book an appointment (UQ login required) with a librarian if you need assistance exporting your searches.

Last updated:
13 December 2022